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BIOSPAIN is the largest biotech event organized by a national bioindustry association in Europe and one of the largest in the world by the number of one-to-one meetings and companies participating. 34% of our delegates came from outside of Spain.

This year, BIOSPAIN goes back to Barcelona, the main biotech cluster in Spain and one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

The event will take place in Pavilion 1 – Fira de Barcelona – Montjuïc. It stands in a superb location in the city center, easily accessible from the airport and well-connected to the public transport network. It is located in Montjuïc Park, an area of cultural and historical interest thanks to its museums and theatres and it also features some of the main tourist attractions in Barcelona.

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Why Spain?

Nearly 4,000 companies carried out biotechnology activities in 2021, of which 862 are biotech firms.

47% of biotech firms working exclusively in biotechnology do so in human health, followed by those focused on food applications, at 42%.

In terms of geographic breakdown, Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia and the Basque Country are home to the most companies. Catalonia leads in number of biotech companies in Spain, with over 24% of the total and more than 45% of total turnover.

The joint activity of biotech companies generated over €10,3 billion in income, which is 0.9% of the Spanish GDP.

The science produced by the Spanish biotechnology sector is excellent and its innovation is patented internationally.

Regarding production of scientific knowledge, Spanish biotechnology makes up 3.2% of global production and is cited 30% more than the global average in this area. Spain rose one position on the ranking by documents in biotechnology, to 8th in the world. Spanish biotechnology produces science of excellence, with 26% of papers among the top 10% most cited in the world.

The sector is working together to tackle the pandemic and maintains its interest in international markets.

Biotech firms forged 59% more alliances and 40% of them were with organisations from the public sector. This increase is due to the sector pulling together to fight Covid-19, seeking new products to diagnose and predict it, working to create new treatments and vaccines, and collaborating to manufacture them. AseBio members boosted their international presence 19% in 2020, with 35 member companies present in 48 countries.

About the host city -region

Catalonia is considered one of the leading life sciences and healthcare innovation hubs across Europe. The so-called “BioRegion” is based on a network of excellent research, a quality higher-education system and a rich network of talent, hospitals, institutions, industry and investors that perform cutting-edge research and provide the sector with innovation and services.

The ecosystem is mostly located in Barcelona and accounts 91 research entities and over 1,350 companies (biotech, pharma, medtech and digital health) that, together with the healthcare services, generate 8.7% of the Catalan GDP and employ over 7% of the total working population of Catalonia*.

According to the prestigious Financial Times “FDI* European Cities and Regions of the Future 2022/2023”, Catalonia and Barcelona stand out as the region and the city with the best investment attracting strategy in Europe.

* Foreign Direct Investment

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